Introducing the new 'QT' Quality Tapas Standard

This is a new 'independent quality standard symbol' for tapas on offer throughout Almeria Province, promoted by in conjunction with - in time, it will be extended to other provinces in Andalusia. This QT Standard Symbol is not an 'automatic right' but has to be earned. Only those bars or eateries which are considered to offer a high level of food, service and quality wines will be awarded the QT Standard symbol, via a dedicated panel of anonymous judges. Judging is based on a number of criteria, including:

  • quality of food
  • originality of food (as opposed to tapas being bought in!)
  • ambiance of the tapas bar
  • friendliness and service offered
  • cleanliness, and
  • value for money

This quality standard will be reviewed annually, so that those that are not currently successful may strive towards inclusion.

Watch for the establishments displaying the QT standard symbol!

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